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Welcome to Tr3s by Double Circle Golf

Uno: Purpose

Generally in golf, three is a good number. The purpose of Tr3s is to provide a microblog with three stories every time. Tr3s is positive + insightful + eclectic. It revolves around the world of golf but also provides actionable advice into things that makes our lives better. We are all busy, and we promise to keep the content short and sweet.

Dos: Attitude

It is not the love of something easy which has drawn golfers like a magnet for hundreds of years to this royal and ancient pastime; on the contrary, it is the maddening difficulty of it, wrote Robert Hunter back in the 1920’s during the golden age of architectural design.

The average number of double circles written on a card between holes in the PGA Tour is 155. Even for Tiger Woods making an Eagle does not happen that often. As a professional, in his most prolific year, Tiger scored fewer than 25 Eagles during the entire season.

Most of us, rarely get the chance to write a double circle on our scorecard, that is why it is even sweeter when it happens and a moment we cherish for a long time. Nonetheless, we can have a double circle attitude at all times. That’s what is all about. We hope you join us in this journey of creating a social enterprise.

Tr3s: Indulgence.

Argentina, the land of De Vicenzo and el Pato Cabrera, is also home to Unánime. A gran vino tinto that is 60% Cabernet Sauvignon | 25% Malbec | 15% Cabernet Franc. It is from San Carlos, Uco Valley in Mendoza. Unánime has an intense cherry-red colour, elegant aromas of black chocolate and tobacco, along with a touch of black pepper notes. Well structured, round tannins that blend nicely with its fresh and juicy acidity.

Try it, we think it is one of the best wines around and its value is incredible. Comparable to hitting the cart path and gaining 50 yards.

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