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Uno: Golf is number 1 in Canada

It is not an overstatement to say that Canadians love golf. It is the country’s most popular sport with a participation base of 5.7 million people who enjoy more than 60 million rounds annually. The golf industry represents more than 1% of Canada’s total GDP with contributions to the economy exceeding $14.3 billion. According to a report by Golf Canada, there are 37,587 golf holes in Canada. If we say that the average distance of each hole is 400 yards (365.76 m) that means there are over 15,034,800 yards (13,747,821.12 m or 13,747 km) worth of green grass golf holes in this country. To put this into context, the Trans-Canada Highway between Victoria, BC and St. John's NF, which is the world's longest national highway, is only 7,821 km (4,860 mi.) in length.

Dos: Raising Green for Great Causes reports that unlike other professional sports organizations, the PGA TOUR relies on more than 100,000 volunteers annually to run its tournaments. The vast majority are structured as non-profit organizations designed to donate 100 percent of net proceeds to charity. Since 1938 the PGA tour has donated over $2.84 billion,. Of that total, more than $1.3 billion has been generated since the TOUR surpassed the $1-billion plateau in 2005. The $2 billion mark was passed in January of 2014. That’s a lot of greenbacks. If you ever wonder where the term greenbacks originated,, establishes that “in the 1860s, the US government printed new currency. One side of the bulls were printed with green ink to prevent counterfeiting since cameras during this time could only take black and white photographs. Paper currency has henceforth been called “greenbacks.” In 1929, when the government regularized the size and denomination of its currency, green ink was chosen because it was both plentiful and durable.”

Tr3s: Cocktail Chatter

Random and somewhat useless tidbits of info, unless you happen to be at a cocktail party or waiting for the group ahead to move on.

-Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman. It was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse by the French. Great golf there. Stay tuned for a future story.

-Scotland was one of the few countries able to hold off being conquered by the Romans in the first century A.D. 

-The unique smell of rain actually comes from plant oils, bacteria, and ozone.

19th Hole

This time we are highlighting a modern coffee liqueur made with tr3s of the best ingredients ever put together: Kona coffee, dark chocolate and Caribbean dark rum.That trio, is equivalent to a great drive, that allows you to go for it in two, followed by a double breaker that finds the bottom of the cup.

Yes amigos, it is time to write a double circle on your scorecard!

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