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2020 Virtual Buying Show

About us

We started this journey with the purpose to do good rather than to be bound by financial models or projections in a balance sheet. Double Circle Golf is dedicated to helping elderly women with great skills but few employment opportunities. All our products are proudly made in Calgary, Canada by members of our community.


Through handcrafted, unique, and original products Double Circle Golf provides our artisans meaning, self-respect, and assist them in their ability to financially support themselves. 


Golf is the ultimate individual sport. Each course is different, each shot is different, each swing is different. So why should our headcovers be boring, uninspiring, and alike? We believe in being different and unique. None of our products is massed-produced. Everything we do is ethically made utilizing the best locally-sourced products whenever we can.


We believe in a sustainable golf industry, where artisans, the environment, and customers are equally important. That’s why we provide high quality at great prices with less waste.


Double Circle Golf was founded by Carolina and Dario Alvarez, PGA of Canada member. A husband and wife team with a passion for the game. 


We named the company Double Circle Golf because while we may not get the chance to pencil in a double circle on our scorecards very often, our attitude inside and outside the course is always at least two under par.


Failure is impossible. We already triumphed by being able to call Canada, home!


Be different. Join us at Double Circle Golf.

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